Monday, March 19, 2007

Recollections Gift Bag

Yesterday I promised you a picture of the gift bag that completes my gift ensemble so here it is! If you didn't visit this weekend these posts will be out of order but that's okay.

Now, the bag. Fortunately I found I already had the perfect cranberry colored gift bag in my stash! Sweet! Then I cut a couple of 3/4" strips of Recollections designer paper and applied them about 1/2" below the top edge of the bag with Stampin' Up! Glue Stick™. I love this stuff for paper to paper applications! I then measured, marked and punched two 1/8" holes, threaded wide olive organdy ribbon through and tied a bow.

Usually when you give or receive a gift, you have to politely rummage around in the sack looking for the card to read before you can open the gift, thereby prolonging the wait! Instead, use your card not only for the greeting but for decoration as well! Here I cut the top from a Stampin' Up!™ Clear Envelope, added Sticky Strip™ super-adhesive tape to the back of it, applied it to my bag and inserted my card! Viola! Double-Duty for your artwork! And no more searching around in the sack for the card! A unique presentation, and your friends will think you're so clever!

Looks like we have rain the forecast! Take your umbrella so you won't melt!


elizabeth rogers said...

loved the gift bag with the card attached. excellent idea!!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Reminds me to check my stash of gift bags, to see if any match the SU cardstock and designer papers.


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