Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healing for the Heartland

Perhaps you've seen this quote from Tom Brokaw about Oklahoma, maybe not.  Having lived here most of my life, I agree that the people here are mostly good, kind and compassionate, which mainly comes from faith and brotherly love. 

I watched the "Healing for the Heartland" Concert tonight; did you?  I was so moved by the music and talent of the many artists who donated their time and talent to help others in need.  Thank you to each of the artists and those behind the scenes; you brought love and kindness to those who've suffered so much loss.  The tickets for this concert in downtown Oklahoma City sold out in five minutes!  I couldn't have gotten one if I'd have tried but was glad I could watch it on tv.  : )

We have again been under tornado watches in Central Oklahoma the past two days and these will continue again on Thursday and Friday.  Please remember the people in your prayers who are in areas under tornado watches and those here and in other states where tornados have caused damage, for continued healing and protection from these storms.  Thank you.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, donations and whatever you may have done to help the tornado victims everywhere.  Bless you!


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